Available Baby Blankets
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We have crocheted one-color or multicolored blankets and some have a white or brown border.

Our PAPOOSE is sold with a Hat. A Papoose helps baby to feel cuddled, safe and secure. Size is approximately 12" x 23".

Also, we have blankets with fringe, ruffles, designs and patterns.

Blanket SIZE is approximately 34” x 34”.

For our selection of Soft Baby Hats/Caps and Booties CLICK HERE

For our selection of Solid (one-color) baby blankets CLICK HERE

For our selection of Homemade baby blankets with White or Brown Borders, Multicolors, Variegated, Camouflage, Ruffles, Fringe, Designs (reversible - design/one-color) CLICK HERE


EMAIL ME with any questions about crocheted baby blankets or custom orders. You can choose a color for the blanket, a color for a border or ruffle or fringe, a color for a design, colors for a multicolored blanket at no additional cost - $39 (SETS $49 - Blanket OR Papoose with Hat and Booties). Shipping is free. Crystal can email you an invoice for a special order..


Michael blanket hat