We have a full line of homemade baby blankets.

Crystal's Blankets can be used as LAP ROBES for adults.
All are unique baby blankets made with tender loving care.
Blanket $39 -- Papoose $39 -- Hat $15 -- Booties $15

SET - Blanket OR Papoose & Hat & Booties $49

All Blankets are approximately 34" x 34"

FREE SHIPPING (continental US)

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border group 9

Below is a picture of each crochet style with white

or brown border, ruffle, fringe, papoose or design (reversible)

and an ADD TO CART button.

 Pastel Blue with White/Blue Fringe   Soft Pink with White/Pink Fringe

Blue Fringe

Pink Fringe

Soft Pink with White Border


Soft Blue with White Border

blue border

Honey Bee Yellow with White Border


Soft Green with White Border

green border

Blue with Wide Brown Border                 Pink with WIDE Brown Border

Blue with WIDE Brown Border

Pink with WIDE Brown Border


Blue with Brown Border                     Pink with Brown Border

border group 17

Blue with Brown Border

Pink with Brown Border


Camouflage LAP ROBE




Variegated Blanket










 Pink Lady Blanket 




Pink Ruffle Blanket                             Blue Ruffel Blanket


Pink Ruffle

Blue Ruffle

Turquoise with White Border Blanket


Lavender with White Border Blanket



Cherry Red with Blue DESIGN & White Border






DESIGN - one side solid Pink Blanket




Creamsicle Orange with White Border


Cherry Red with Brown Border




baby blankets

EMAIL ME with any questions about baby blankets or custom orders.