Crystal's Baby Blankets
Blankets $39 -- Papoose $39                  Hats $15 -- Booties $15                          FREE SHIPPING within continental US

Baby blankets are excellent Baby Shower gifts! Knit and crochet baby HATS are available in 100% ORGANIC cotton, and 100% acrylic. All crocheted baby blankets and papooses are 100% acrylic, machine washable and dryable. Blankets and hats are made with tender loving care by Crystal, a grandma who has taken pride in her work for many years.

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Blankets can be used as lap robes for children or adults. Lap robes are laid over the lap and knees for warmth...thoughtful gifts for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, friends, shut-ins and loved ones. For special savings, CLICK ON SALE.

EMAIL ME with any questions about how I crochet baby blankets, custom orders and international shipping & handling. Check out our new KNIT & Crochet Baby Hat selection. More info about baby blankets, homemade baby blankets, organic baby hats, personalized baby blankets, and round crochet baby blankets is coming. Crocheted baby blankets are commonly used as baby security blankets. We now have a FEEDBACK page and a TWITTER page.


      Homemade Baby Blankets
baby security blankets

        Papoose & Hat


           Solid Colors

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Mixed blanket

   Unique Baby Blankets

   Blanket size 34" x 34"

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Baby Hats


White Pink roll up 2

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